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Banu the Pitbull/Whippet Mix

Banu the Pitbull Whippet Mix | Project DOGWhere do you live? San Clemente, CA
Name: Banu
Breed: Pit Bull Whippet Mix
Your dog is rescue
Your dog is a girl
Birthday: 1/10/10
Siblings: Buddha the black lab and Lela the German shepherd
Favorite Food: Taste of the Wild
Favorite Toy: Soccer Ball
Favorite Place To Go: Nana’s House
Best Trick: She can dribble and shoot a soccer ball.
Best Friend: Harley the Sheltie
Wildcard: Banu likes to drink water out of the holes in our olive tree.
Pet Peeve: Not being able to play fetch 24hrs a day
Tweet With Me: @socalpetpals
Bio: We decided to get a second dog for Buddha to have a friend. We decided after positive past experience to look for a pit bull female. After looking all over for a rescue with a female brindle pup, we found Banu in Tonopah, Arizona. She was born to a pit bull female in an abandoned trailer and survived on her own, feral for the first two months of her life. As she grew, she didn’t quite fill out like a pit bull would, and we knew that she some type of mix. After doing our research, we found out she is mixed with Whippet. We like to call her a Pippet (a mix of pit and Whippet). She’s an amazing dog. She loves to play soccer and bite the water as it comes out of the hose. And, when she gets outside, she’s lightening fast!
Rescue: Springerpaw Ranch Tonopah, AZ

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3 Responses to Banu the Pitbull/Whippet Mix

  1. Kaitlyn August 4, 2011 at 9:01 am #

    My dog seriously looks identical to Banu! Her name is Tegan and I adopted her last September. It was the other way around with her though, because we knew she was part whippet and we weren’t sure what she was mixed with. I’ve always had a hunch that it may’be been pitbull though :) Tegan’s personality sounds very similar to Banu as well. She’s super smart and crazy fast and athletic outside. Thanks for posting this! This has definitely confirmed what Tegan is because I honestly thought for a second someone had posted her picture up there!

  2. Lindsay January 11, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    I call my pit bull/whippet a pipet as well! hehe

  3. Shane M May 9, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

    We also have an identical looking dog!! DO you have anymore pictures you could send me.. we adopted ours and they obviously didnt know the breed and we have been dying to know! She runs like a whippet with the 4 legs in the air etc. and has the pit jaw line. If you do thank you som much.. We want to know so bad but my fiance and I are in college and the DNA test just isnt possible till we graduate next year!

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