Mimi the Chihuahua/Scottish Terrier Mix

Where do you live? Mexico
Name: Mimi
Breed: scottish terrier/chihuahua mix
Your dog is purebred
Your dog is a girl
Birthday: March, 9th 2009
Siblings: 5
Favorite Food: Dog biscuits!
Favorite Toy: giraffe dog toy
Favorite Place To Go: For a walk
Best Trick: Bark when asked to
Best Friend: His human daddy :)
Wildcard: She snores!!
Pet Peeve: She hates the garbage truck
Tweet With Me:
She was born from a non-planned mix between a Scottish terrier (mother) & a chihuahua (father).
How that happened?? nobody knows it 😛
I'm a fan of mixed breed dogs, since i find them very docile, cheerful and specially joyful.
We have being dog-less for almost 3 years, since our dogs got poisoned by some anonymous stranger that later we assumed that robbed our house.
We spend almost 3 years mourning our loss, when in January of 2009 a co-worker told me that was almost sure her Scottish was pregnant.
After much delivering my husband and I decided to adopt one of the puppies and so Mimi joined our family.



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  1. Teresa says

    That pup looks so much like our Chihuahua/Westie mix when she was a puppy. She’s three now, but still full of energy and very vocal!

  2. Crystal Marie Palacios says

    My Honey is Mimi’s twin!!! Honey has a facebook account its under Honey Palacios and her pictures are there if you are curious:)

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