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Piper the Golden Retriever/German Shepherd Mix

Where do you live?: Manassas, VA
Your dog is: rescue
Dog’s sex: girl
Dog’s name: Piper
Dog’s Breed: Golden Retriever/German Shepherd
Dog’s Birthday: Unknown (approx. 14 months)
Dog’s Siblings: N/A
Favorite Food: Retriever rolls
Favorite Toy: Squeaky rope toy
Favorite Place to go: Loves visiting the hangar where hubby keeps his airplane. Also loves going to the drive thru Starbucks and having the Baristas pet her.
Best Trick: Still working on that… She can “sit” and “stay”. We’re working on “lay down” and “shake”.
Best Friend: Sadie
Wildcard: She has beautiful light golden eyes.
Arrival Story: Memorial Day weekend of this year, my husband and I went to our local animal shelter. When we saw Piper, she was a totally different dog… Her fur was tattered and patchy (from what we later learned was mange), she was malnourished and she seemed depressed. She also came from a family who abused her terribly; it broke our hearts hearing that… There was something hopeful in those big light golden eyes of hers, though. A spark. So we arranged to meet her and after that the rest is history.

We nursed her back to health. No more mange or health concerns! She has grown from 42 pounds to now 65 pounds and we estimate she is around 14 months. She is a beautiful mix of Golden Retriever and German Shepherd. Sure, Piper can get herself into mischief every now and then…but I needed new drapes and my hubby didn’t like that couch anyway.
Piper is a very sweet dog and we are blessed to have her in our lives! We look forward to many more wonderful years with her!!
Rescue Organization (if rescue): Prince William County Animal Shelter

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  1. Martina Moore March 29, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    I have a dog just like yours, the same breed, the same color, and every thing. Even the same age. my dogs name is Rosebud. I got her at a parking lot in fayettiville. Your dog looks just like mine. I love my dog rosebud, shes my life,and when I seen the picture of your dog I thought it was mine. Thats all I wanted to say, hope you and your dog has an awsome time together. by.

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