Three Bells the Alaskan Malamute/Chow Chow Mix

Where do you live?: Hawaii
Your dog is: rescue
Dog's sex: girl
Dog's name: Three Bells
Dog's Breed: Malamute / ChowChow
Dog's Birthday: 2002
Dog's Siblings:
Favorite Food:
Organix & barbecue
Favorite Toy: coconuts, chickens, dangling towels, sleeve of a shirt
Favorite Place to go: THE BEACH!!!!!
Best Trick: aerial roll-overs, surfs
Best Friend: Missy
Wildcard: Bells has kissed horses & cows &, despite her obnoxious Chow side, lets cats boss her around (as it should be)
Arrival Story: Three Bells was supposedly originally named by someone in the Navy as it represents how many times they ring the bell when they go into port for Liberty... booze 'n' chicks... I simply call her a party animal.
Bells is pretty mellow, surfer style, but turns it on when there's some action. She makes herself amenable in a variety of situations. She loves meeting people. She guards babies with her life. She doesn't get upset if kids take food out of her mouth, grab her tail, and her favorite thing (besides swimming and sniffing new tush) is chasing / being chased by a pack of kiddles at the beach.
I got a call one day that the owners of Three Bells abandoned her at the house they had moved out of and she was picked up and was at the Hilo Animal Shelter. I went there the moment I heard this, but they told me I had to come back the next day. I came back before the place opened to make certain we would be together. She looked skinny (belly hanging) and hair all knotty, but w/ some food and exercise and love she cleaned up quick!
Bells didn't like car rides, and it took a month to keep her from throwing up twice during each drive, til she switched gears and suddenly wanted to go everywhere; total adventure dog. She would jump in and hide in the car so we would never leave her at home. Since then, Bells has travelled on planes, trains, buses, sail boats, fishing boats, catamarans, kayaks, surfboards, paddleboards, skateboards, innertubes, golf carts, elevators, escalators, trams. She gets upset at first when I force her to try new things, and then she's all stoked and wants to try again.
When I got badly injured and disabled for a while she became a service dog and now travels everywhere I go. She is the mascot for the local group here that help disabled kids go surfing.
For Three, she'll put up with anything as long as she's cruising.



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  1. says

    Oh my god I never use the computer, I”m not even know if i”m using it right. But I have a puppy that looks just like the alaskan malamute/chow that looks just like a dog I saw on this computer, only mine is male and only three months old. I would love to show him to you but I don”t know what how to use this info. box that my daughter calls a computer.

  2. Steve says

    Hello, I was actually just browsing the internet too see if anyone has posted something regarding Alaskan Malamute / Chow mixs. I have found one unfortunately at a local shelter here in Colorado Springs. I was not able too pick her up today as the shelter had promised too hold her for someone through the day but that person did not come. I plan too pick her up first thing in the morning.

    She bares a striking resemblance too your beautiful girl. I have only been able too find a few posts by owners of this breed mix and they have all seemed too have the wonderful qualities of both breeds. If you can give any advice on food or care. Vitamins, food brands, favorites of any kind. As I hope too give her as wonderful and active life as you have for your girl.


  3. Theresa says

    My beautiful Ellie Gillhouli was a Malamute/Chow Chow mix, she lived with me for 12 years, when she passed away. She looked very much like this dog, however, her fur was much longer. The fur on the highest part of her body was golden and as it got lower down it became cream. Her tail was curled tight over her back and the cream fur from her tail went below her tail. She had the Malamute marking on her face, but in blonds. She was not a barker, she would make a little “mmmmffff” when people were at a certain distance, and then bark if they were too close to the house, like on the porch. She was and Alpha Dog. She was absolutely the most loving, dog I have ever known. She looked happy, people use to say that alot. She was so beautiful, people would stop their cars to tell me that when we were walking She was bright and obedient, we moved from the country to the city when she was 8 and she loved the city, she loved meeting people but didn’t want to be touched. I miss her a great deal, she passed 3 years ago. She was truly the best dog I ever had, she was pure love. She at dry food only and had Milk Bone biscuits daily, her teeth were great her whole live, she was healthy and playful until about 4 months before she died. Great watch dog, very loyal. She loved the snow and the water, but only stomach deep. This would be a great breed.

  4. Jahmon says

    Hey, was looking for malamute/chow reviews.. I’m getting the top female of a litter from a chow/husky father and pit/malamute bitch. Also from HI…

  5. says

    Aloha – wow, just saw all these awesome messages. It has been a while and I had forgotten about Project Dog and everything I wrote about Three Bells! Well, she is STILL the most amazing dog in the world, but she got idiopathic chylothorax & her surgery & our bills are eeking into the five digits. We started a fundraiser page. If can, please help share: Mahalo nui loa from Hawaii xo

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