Grizzy the Golden Retriever Shepherd Chow Mix

Where do you live?: San Antonio, TX
Your dog is: rescue
Dog's sex: boy
Dog's name: Grizzy (short for George Griswald)
Dog's Breed: Golden retriever/shepherd/chow mix
Dog's Birthday: 1/10/08
Dog's Siblings: Irving, Hamilton, Frey
Favorite Food: vanilla cupcakes
Favorite Toy: stuffed lamb "Lambie"
Favorite Place to go: loves to fish at the lake - he sticks his whole head in the water!
Best Trick: Rolling over for a belly rub when anyone walks by me
Best Friend: Lambie
Wildcard: Grizzy loves to chase butterflies. We did a canine DNA test on him and the results said "Dachshund and Lhasa Apso" - we think they mixed up the samples!
Arrival Story: We moved to San Antonio, Texas in January of 2009 and were eager to adopt a dog. I saw "Buddy", as he was known, featured as Dog of the Week on the website of a wonderful rescue group in San Antonio called SNIPSA. I was smitten. I saw the group was having an adoption event the next day so we arrived early to be sure to be there when Buddy arrived. It was love at first sight and he sealed the deal when we took him for a walk around the pet store and he peed on a bag of food. We adopted him and he moved in later that day. He's been making us laugh ever since. We renamed him Grizzy (short for George Griswald, an old family name), and he inspired us to get involved with animal rescue efforts in San Antonio.
Rescue Organization (if rescue): SNIPSA (Spay-Neuter-Inject-Protect San Antonio)



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